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Updates in the Estonian Immigration Regulations

23 December 2016
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Amendments will enter into force on 18th January 2017.

On Wednesday 14th of December, the Estonian Parliament adopted amendments to the Aliens Act with an objective of facilitating the settling of foreigners making positive contributions to local economies.

Employment residence permitEmployment residence permit

At this moment in order for a foreigner to apply residence permit in Estonia his/her salary must be at least 1,24 multiplied by Estonian average salary.

Starting from 18th of January this rule will be abolished and minimum salary requirement for foreigner will be gross average salary set in Estonia.

Residence permit for investorResidence permit for investor

Starting from 18th of January investor who has made contribution to his/her business in Estonia in the amount of 1 million euros, will receive Estonian residence permit in simplified procedure.

Investors will also be exempted from general quota for residence permit.

Exempted from quota will also be foreigners who apply residence permit in relation with star-up business and info technology and communication.

Short time working in EstoniaShort time working in Estonia

Amendments are also made in the short time working regulation. For short time working the company needs to register the foreigner in the Police and Boarder Guard Board and short time working was allowed for 180 days on the condition of legal stay in Estonia (visa, visa free stay). With the amendments the period of working in Estonia will be extended to 270 days.

Registration of one’s stay awayRegistration of one’s stay away

With current regulation if the foreigner was not able to stay in Estonia for 183 days, he/she needed to register the stay away in the Police and Boarder Guard Board. With the new amendments this obligation will be abolished.

Secondment in the concernSecondment in the concern

With the new amendments it will be possible to apply residence permit for intra concern employee movement. This means if non-EU company who has subsidiary or a branch in Estonia, can send employees or interns to Estonia.

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